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1. The Real Estate prices are the cheapest prices in the last 15 years in Greece.greece

2. From 2010 the prices have fallen about 40%.
3. There is now the law Golden Visa that enables you to get a Residence Permit for you and your family for five (5) years if you buy a Real Estate for 250,000€ or more and if you keep it for another five (5) years you will still have all the privileges listed below:

• You have the right to travel without a visa to all Schengen countries.

• It’s the cheapest program (Residence Permit) all over Europe.

• We have excellent weather conditions
• By airplane we are very close to all the European Capitals (2-3 hours).

• We have the Famous Greek Islands with Beautiful Beaches and Crystal Blue water.

• We have hospitable residents who in majority speak English.

• We have stable currency (Euro) and for the major part of the year our country is sunnier than any other country in Europe.

• Why not have a house in Greece taking advantage of the low prices (minus 40%) and at the same time experience all of the above.

• Why not pay less amount of money and experience all of the above.


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